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The DC Department of Transportation is scheduled to begin infrastructure improvement at the 4th / Cedar / Blair intersection in 2019. The plans are available here, and a project sheet with additional details regarding status and timing is available here. The previous Conceptual Plan from September 2013 is available here, and the related November 1, 2013, Technical Memorandum is available here. Updates regarding community meetings to explain the current plans and timeline will be posted here as soon as they are available.



For general information regarding Walter Reed, please visit the Walter Reed Local Redevelopment Authority and The Parks.


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC), which provides input on a range of topics relating to the implementation of the project (e.g., construction concerns, traffic, and connecting residents with employment and business opportunities), holds regular meetings. Geoff Bromaghim, ANC 4B07 Commissioner, is the ANC 4B representative to the CAC. More details here.

For details regarding demolition on the site, please see the video of the August 20, 2018, Safety Meeting, NorthStar's enhanced dust control plan, The Parks at Walter Reed's "Enhanced Community Communications Initiative," and Air Quality Reading Data. A related Resolution from ANC 4B is available here.

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